These videos explain how AI can help your business.

These videos explain how AI can help your social impact efforts in education, the environment, and health.

Why do we make chatbots?

What are we up to at Ninjamoba LTD. What is Ninjamoba? Why do we focus on text based conversational AI over other kinds of bots?

What’s the benefit of educational chatbots?

We won the the biggest hackathon in the world for our conversational assistant for education. What makes chatbots so helpful in education? Especially during COVID – 19?

SIA – Social Intelligent Assistant

Meet SIA- The winner of the Data4Recovery hackathon.

If you are an environmental startup you want to get your message to as many people as possible right away 24 /7. A conversational AI can do that.

Why use a social impact chat bot?

What is your pain point for education, the environment and health? How can we help bring relief?

Why having AI on site is secure.

Why is it a good idea to deploy a chatbot on your local network rather than in the cloud? For institutions and enterprise we argue that chatbots should live behind your firewall to protect sensitive data.

Meet Jop the AI for education.

Here’s a scenario based on our pitch for winning the largest hackathon in the world EUvsVIRUS. is a project of Ninjamoba LTD

Extended Ninjamoba VIDEO FAQ

Many basic questions of usefulness and deployment of social impact chatbots are answered in this video.

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