Products for Social Impact

Automated Conversations for the environment, education, and health. We provide localized intelligent assistants deployed on institutional and enterprise infrastructure.

For SMEs we can deploy conversational assistant in the cloud to help with your first touch contacts and FAQ. 

For educational use we offer three tiers of support. 1) Teachers can configure classroom dialog for their bots in real time on site. By swapping content on the fly, the domain of the bot can be tailored to the day’s lesson plan or even the group or individual chat. 2) In higher education as much as 70% of student administration can be automated. When combined with millennials’ strong preference for texting over voice (75% prefer), it’s common sense to remove routine questions from your staff by using a chatbot. Why not install a bot this summer over the break and get a helping hand? Your staff will thank you this fall. 3) Universities and colleges benefit from effective outreach and recruiting through chat bots. With the fierce competition from online learning, you want to use every means possible to entice freshmen to apply.

We also provide chatbots for climate change, sustainability, and environmental issues. Think about the benefits of automating frequent questions about recycling, such as the schedule of pickup days and locations of pickup stations and bins. With environmental SMEs becoming more common, empowering your mission with a chat bot makes sense. Imagine a system where routine customer requests are handled by a bot so your team can get to the heart of what they do.

As part of our founders team, we also have a Social Psychologist on hand to check our use cases for health care bots. We can help you develop a novel use case. Contact us today. Nurses and doctors are among the professionals we have worked with. As a company specializing in this space, we appreciate your expertise in ensuring your deployments are compliant and support patient contact. #socialimpact#education#founders#environment#universities#environmental#recycling#recruiting#teachers#highereducation

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