AI Conversation

Social Chatbots you can really
talk to people with for impact

Your own social impact chatbots with
AI inside. Built directly with partners in
health and education delivery systems.
Helps with ESGs, SDGs and corporate
social responsibility (CSR) too.


We make your knowledge base
easy to access for your users and staff.

Ninjamoba provides development environment and community ecosystem for social impact design, production, monetization. The technology can be deployed quickly and remain private. This will help to achieve your educational, health, and environmental goals.

Social AI Assistants for Municipal Services



We won in the largest hackathon in history EU vs VIRUS for our intelligent assistant in education. Our software provides data privacy and can be configured for integration of
school data. Ongoing adoption campaigns can ensure student parent and teacher use.




We have cost-saving options for developing bespoke medical technology. In addition to freeing desk staff, the companion assistant can be installed for data provenance for liability concerns. We can help introduce new health care products and assist patients with simple issues. We recently won an award in the Real-time health monitoring and remote care track of the #data4recovery hackathon. This was sponsored by the EU and judged by a team from ROCHE.


Public Good


We specialize in serving the AI gap in environmental and sustainability SMEs. The service can provide relief for first responders and public information providers by creating an adoption campaign for policy.


Prevent the collapse of emergency services and primary care

Social workers and the healthcare system are in critical demand as part of the pandemic response and world crisis and managing its devastating impacts. It’s crucial to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and admissions and improve patient flow.

Reduce the workload on customer support by up to 30%​

AI offing is substantial savings for municipal use immediately for public information in automating help lines and taking the pressure off public servants for frequently asked questions.

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Can automated conversation move your vision?

“Voice or chat bots make delivering your message easy and fun.”

“Every site is different. And sometimes that makes getting information frustrating. But everyone knows how to chat. Our AI assistants address the most significant shortcomings. With our bots, you can create dialogs simply and quickly, get a fast response time, and receive accurate responses.”

Bryan Ogden, CEO at Ninjamoba

On premise installed chatbots ensure privacy and data security for institutional and enterprise needs.

Local or Cloud

Because of advances in technology our enterprise and institutional clients can maintain their bot on campus behind their own firewall and never have to let their private data leave their premises. Some uses cloud placement is the best for a bot – especially where an inexpensive chatbot is needed.

You’ve come to the right place

Experts in social impact

We have experience in Psychology, Sustainability, Innovation, Policy, and Education on our team.

Our Unique Selling Proposition is our multidisciplinary method of engineering and social science. We create contextualized social interactions fitted for your needs.

These are the droids you’re looking for.

Think how much easier life will be if you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over. “When and where do I recycle” “How do I pay my xxx bill?” “Where do I obtain city records?” “Where is the permit office?” “When is the next city council meeting?” “How do I contact my area gov representative?” “Where do I report a downed tree?” “Who should I contact to request a large rubbish pickup?”

Free up your staff

What if there was a way to answer repetitive questions. Chatbots reduce the workload on customer support by up to 30%. Our offing is substantial savings for municipal use immediately for public information in automating help lines and taking the pressure off public servants for frequently asked questions…