What does Ninjamoba LTD do?

We make Ai easy and fun! We build conversational assistants for social impact education and health. And then promote those bots so people know how to use them.

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If you speak with SIRI or GOOGLE or ALEXI for any length of time you will end up at the Apple store or Amazon shopping – that’s the problem with monolithic deployments of intelligent assistants. The information they give leverages user behavior.

Who wants to try and use another company’s mascot to find information behind your firewall? Siri Alexa and hey Google all have the same problem. They are focused on the sales funnel in their ecosystem to build their business. Who are the primary companies growing today and why? Try asking Siri a specific question that concerns your personal welfare health or education. Say “hey google” what are my child’s grades? Where do we place our recycling on this street and what days do they pickup? Each of those legacy AI are focused on the ROI for monetizing your searches .  

How do you solve this problem?

We provide private deployment of conversation assistance that’s private – not influenced by third party intrusion and benefits your business model directly. We outperform the largest competitors in speed performance, number of languages spoken as well as accuracy. We create adoption programs tailored to your users that also create internal marketing and company pride for enterprises and institutions.

How does your product or service work? Please list its main features.

1) Private Deployment , Data Privacy and security.

2) Quickly Operational by making a simple Q n A like this one into a talking bot. 

3) For enterprises and institutions we offer white label on premises deployment.

4) Adoption programs so your users will know how to use and benefit from the new AI.

5) We can access your data in your location and never leave your wifi network.

What is the development stage of your product and how do you plan to develop it further?

We are at TRL 7 and deployed at a Technical University for the service of 60 IT instructors. We are taking initial clients now. We have proposals and grants written waiting for determination on data provenance and advanced features. We have patentable IP. We are Preseed/Seed

What is the key innovation?

Private easy to configure natural language interface. Killer adoption programs. Conversational assistant as company mascot. Tuned to social impact.

What is your target market and its size?

The chatbot market size was  at USD 430.9 million in 2020. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.9% from 2021 to 2028. We want to address the specific market of institutions and enterprises in healthcare education and the environment. Smart cities and forward looking municipalities will also benefit from our tech. 

Why now is a good timing for your business?

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Hardware and software advances are exponentially outpacing legacy standards like siri and Alexia – Conversational AI can now be deployed locally with a literally dedicated supercomputer hardware. Even advances in modest single board PCs make this doable. We in fact have a performant demo running on a midline android phone that does zero processing in the cloud

Who are your main competitors and why are you better?

Wide brand recognition for locally deployed conversational and voice solutions does not exist – Dragon Dictation is years ahead of us in the health care market but focuses on voice to text rather than AI – They offer Voice Assistance – which is operational in focus (record retrieval technical operations of medical equipment)  rather than FAQ and more human service oriented purpose. We are unaware of a direct competitor to the environmental or social impact market.  There are edtechbots offered on various websites that require an IT person or other skilled administrator to deploy. We offer quick and easy installation from FAQ to create the most helpful dialogs. None of our competitors offer adoption programs to promote the function and use of the chatbots.

What is your marketing and sales strategy?

We are currently making installs for notable clients at cost. We intend to have a large contest for a free install of a fully featured conversational assistant during our participation in the Climate KIK accelerator as we advance to stage two. Free installs from simple automation with an a la carte menus of additional features such as data provence, GDPR client data collection, anonymized data collection. and many others. 

What is your business and revenue model?

SAAS and added value bespoke configuration for service fees. 

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What traction have you achieved so far?

We have an install at a local technical university with 60 IT instructors using it. We have 3 years operation in the space of AI and have won several pitch contests and participated in matchmaking events connecting us with a few R&D consortiums and EU grants we await determination on.

What are your next milestones?

We expect funding will allow us additional feature development including several IP innovations we believe to be patentable.

What are the risks of the business?

Difficulty explaining Deep Tech as applied to sustainability.  Solution – Keep winning contests that show capability and knowledge of the domain. 

How did you meet your co-founders?

When we won the EU vs Virus Hackathon we met lots of people and built our business. We have been in several incubators and helped by dozens of folks along the way.

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Your Moonshot Idea

We are developing conversational assistants for social impacts in the environment education and health.

Why is your solution a moonshot?

To deploy private conversational assistants directly challenges how users retrieve and search for information fundamentally. This has been “baked” into the entire system by the market leaders from the hardware to the internet itself.

What will the world look like if your moonshot succeeds?

Currently Siri Alexi and Hey Google provide a funnel into the coffers of these monopolies. We provide AI that delivers  knowledge guided by expertise, NOT SEO. Its a world where you can ask a private question and get an answer from a trusted source.

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Public Sector Role

In a perfect world we would run a sandbox or market test to determine efficacy in each of the troubled areas of the challenges above.  We’d watch user adoption and measure KPIS in the target population. However the lead of ITs giants is far overreaching and must be addressed as soon as possible. Privately deployed and secure AI must be used immediately guided by the best local experts on hand NOW. We can correct as we go via Agile dev methods and make correction for complaints.

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Market Creation

We see predictions that Conversational Ai will be the information appliance of the future much like google’s list of links is now.  we think peer and expert reviewed sources of information are for more useful and healthy without the meddling of 3rd parties shareholders. The marketplace will be the creation of a development platform that easily creates new dialog and uses for bots. Just like there’s an App store for Google and Apple we intend a crowdsourced application development environment.

Why is this problem “wicked”?

These monopolies have billions of dollars to spend on R&D to maintain market share by monetizing the behavior of users. Unaddressed they will continue to shape society. Because of recent advances in AI we can establish parity if Estonia acts now.

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Progress / Status

We won the biggest hackathon in the world EU vs VIRUS we built a privately deployed assistant and put it on the campus of our Technical University here in Malta where it will be studied and 60 IT professors review it. We have written several research and development grants with institutes from Poland and Romania. we have a research director at the International University of Valencia on the team and we wrote a grant with a consortium to support troubled adolescents. We await determination.


The predictions in the adoption of AI Assistants is staggering. Market Cap: By 2024, Insider Intelligence predicts that consumer retail spend via chatbots worldwide will reach $142 billion—up from just $2.8 billion in 2019.

Business Model

SAAS deployment to small business. App development. Deployment to municipalities and private enterprise. We offer a big ticket deployment with an adoption program (requiring bespoke installs) and a small ticket deployment that is automated.

Key Experiments

Chat bots are not new – we believe questioning validation after our advances over the last 3 years of development is not ideal. We propose immediate agile development to roll out as quickly as possible under the watchful eye of innovative experts from your community.

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We have four core team members. And two advisors. Bryan is an expert in sustainability and applied technology (especially in innovative media and communications) A research psychologist and engineer with innovation business expertise and an IT sales expert who has leads in healthcare. – We all love the EU and it’s cultural values. We are dismayed by the US IT providers dominance. We think technology should be decentralized and localized to the culture of the user and not homogenized and income  directed at those with the best SEO practices.

Supporting Information

We aim to not only serve the educational and municipal spaces but to become a defacto and trusted conversational interface.  Another gap in the market for chat bots is provisioning – many attempts have been made to create systems that enable non-coders to deploy chat bots – but all of them we reviewed are built by coders and are clunky. They also require high level skills to use. Our UX for user deployment is three easy steps 1) Select the frequently asked questions you want answered 2) Deploy the bot with these questions and answers. 3) Obtain immediate user feedback on QNA and solicit feedback for dialog editorial (adding missed questions or unanticipated answers). 

We are doing current experiments in processing raw text to produce dialog. This enables us to provide cloud-based bots that are not mission critical though an automated deployment process. This allows Ninjamoba to capture market by serving smaller SMEs NGOS and other operators .  In closing – we may have some patents.