Creating an Automated Conversation in Education, Health or Environmental and Municipal use brings several end user benefits as well as organizational benefits.

A trusted source of information curated by experts.

Rather than your users having to ask third parties for information and risk losing their focus and attention providing a dialog for them to interact with and answer their questions with out any other funneling is a win.

Alleviation of staff attention to frequently asked questions.

Having a tireless bot answer questions frees up your staff to focus on providing their expertise rather than on trivial mundane or repetitive customer service chores.

Reduction of customer service time and money.

Bots have been shown to reduce customer service calls by up to 30%

Reduced service provider burnout on repetitive procedures.

Especially in health care a lot of the same questions come up. Health care workers can be supported when the burden of nagging or tiresome demands from patients can be met. This allows patient care to be in the domain of the caregivers specializations rather than daily administrative or routine interactions which are better suited for a bot.

Real-time communication facilitation

Bots can pass interactions to humans when warranted.

Increase the value of  People-to-People Interactions with customers and build your people’s reputation for expertise.

Somethings are just better accomplished with the wisdom of a skilled professional. These conversations demand the wit and intelligence of your staff.

Eliminate monotonous, time-consuming tasks

Intake procedures can be automated. Outbound interviews for customer satisfaction can be built.

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