We only make limited promises.

Ai is often not well understood and even by the most experienced many errors are made in delivery. Today, over 87% of the models developed will not go into production. Even if built, they will have an 85% chance of error. Regardless, over 80% of AI spending is spent on data processing and reporting.

Why would we tell you these failure rates? Because we know the trends in data science and have met with or spoken to many AI professionals across disciplines during our research to this market offering. We are able to limit fail rates and exposure as well as make our code base and methods available to our client partners. We do not make black box AI – we co-create your solution with proven code base. We clearly indicate the limits of deployment and offer referrals and introductions to our network of other AI professionals.

Our aim is to offer best of class chat bots tailored to your needs within the limits of current technology – which is a quickly moving target – new and transformative disruptions emerge daily both in software and hardware that are transforming capability and time to market.

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