Our Focus Is on the SDGs

Here’s the problem we are facing. Conversational AI has historically been focused on serving commercial interests at scale – as a redirection to a sales funnel. Data analytics of social has been abused by facebook and many others. Google has been fined billions by the EU.

We are a conversational assistant platform with an award winning AI. We have been accepted for pilots in Barcelona, Spain Kosice, Slovakia and Malta. Profit sharing is part of our business model, making us an interesting data collector for EU institutions wishing to leverage their aggregated understanding and serve EU citizens. Moreover, we fund social / municipal innovation through the sharing of our income. This isn’t just a chat bot, but rather a multi-faceing social intervention platform.

Our solution is in our intent. We endeavor to apply the Unesco Beijing Consensus of 2019 on the application of AI to all our work. https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000368303 We have been focused entirely on research and development to serve the sectors that would foster the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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The problem in this massive market is the technical debt of social impact. The organizations providing social services are configured for people helping rather than ingesting new technology.

Another problem is the leverage of globally deployed chatbots by monopolies such as Siri Google and Alexis to foster third party commercial interests.

Instead we serve the public good for social impact. We build conversational assistants that improve the environment, education, and health. Deployed quickly and maintaining privacy on premise or in the cloud. We support your mission in education, the environment and health.Small and medium-sized businesses and startups involved in the environment are looking for conversational FAQs rather than button-push bots. We are offering you a pilot program in remote health care that provides virtual support and companionship to your general practice patients. Education means a hyper-configurable bot that will explain the lesson of the day while you are teaching it.

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Education: We won in the largest hackathon in history EU vs VIRUS for our intelligent assistant in education. Our intelligent assistant provides data privacy and can be configured for integration of
school data. Ongoing adoption campaigns to ensure student parent and teacher use.

Green Impact and Public Service: We specialize in serving the AI gap in environmental and sustainability SMEs. The service can provide relief for first responders and public information providers by creating an adoption campaign for policy. We recently completed the Med Climate KIK.

Health: We have cost saving options for the use in medtech. Our companion assistant can provide data provence for liability concerns as well as initial contact freeing desk staff. We can be used to introduce new health care products and help patients with simple matters. We just won in our track in #data4recovery hackathon Real-time health monitoring and remote care – SIA – Social Intelligent Assistant. Challenge Partner – ROCHE. Full product description available on request.

We are a startup moving from TRL5-6 In health care to TRL7 to TRL9 with a MVP platform natural language processing (NLP) solution for Automated FAQ

In April 2020 The Ninjamoba LTD project Teamjop.com won in the largest hackathon in history EU vs VIRUS. In June 2021 Our Project SIA – Social Intelligent Assistant a companion for remote health care won in our track for the EU/ROCHE sponsored DATA4RECOVERY hackathon. We are making conversational Ai focused on Social Impact, Education, the Environment and Health. Our commercial networking reach has been directed to serving education and health. Our grant activity has solely been in the wheelhouse of social impact, cultural development and empowerment.

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NinjaMoba Ltd was the winner of the 2017 techs stars business weekend for a breakthrough idea in the application of a consumer facing sentiment analysis app as a b2b saas product using artificial intelligence. We incorporated in June 2018 with the support of Ganado and Associates.

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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being.
GOAL 4: Quality Education. Goal
GOAL 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 13: Climate Action

Our peer reviewed research paper in corporate sustainability is implemented into the DNA of our business. We feature localized and privately deployed chatbots on their own inexpensive hardware to maintain the data provence of our clients. Our software and technology outperforms cloud based deployments. We also believe this to be more sustainable and resilient than cloud based instances as internet access is not required – our bots can function on a local wifi network powered by solar for instance – try that with with SIRI GOOGLE or ALEXA. The secondary outcome of this allows decentralized and non-monopolistic development that doesn’t rely on the big three Apple Google or Amazon technology firms for hosting. And finally our conversational design is based on stakeholder involvement and sustainability communication theory.

Our engagement in participants with the project has been gender neutral. We are focused on corporate governance that implement these same principals just described. We are currently primarily identified with 2 cofounders (male and female) but have had dozens of participants in the project with an even mix of gender.

We completed enrollment with the University of Malta’s Take Off Incubator. Additional mobility support has been provided by #startuplighthouse and #ryanacademy to travel to conferences in Vilnius, Munich, and most recently a deep dive into the Helsinki games eco-system. We have completed the Irishbased ideas2scale accelerator. We were recently awarded participation in the Med Climate KIK Accelerator.


People Planet Profit
Our autonomy makes us unique. We empower people to own their work and reduce unnecessary steps. Hiring awesome folks helps us grow. Moving sideways, moving up, and learning new skills are always on the table.
Play: We enjoy a any reason to celebrate. The team gets a lot done while having a great time.

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