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 Ninjamoba is a platform for ethical AI in social impact. We practice in health, education and the environment through deploying of automated conversations and data aggregation. Our team is energized and experts in sustainability social intervention and education. We have won several notable awards including #EUVSVIRUS for education and family life #data4recovery for remote health and #DES2022 Scaleup Champions for Best Health Startup. We are deployed in the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology featuring research in classroom use. And are under LOI codeveloping with health research center Our scheme includes local & cloud deployment with data aggregation to monetize the outcome of citizen search and profit sharing back to our hosts. Think of us as a dedication AI search and conversation solution to address social needs. We aim to counter the encroachment of global monopolies who practice unethically and with offensive non-competitive practices. Ninjamoba’s USP is human curation of conversational design. Our business model to empower enterprise and institutions as well as other experts and SMEs.We are a conversational assistant platform with an award winning AI. A unique business model that shares profits from data aggregation with institutions and infrastructure partners. We have MVP development environment and are actively selling and have early clients.

We have received multiple support services, operational credits, business incubation and acceleration and a number of small grants from Ganado and Associates, IBM, AWS, Soft Landing, LAsalle Technova, Climate KIK, European Union,, Civvitta, Techstars, Roche, Malta College of Arts Science & Technology, University of Malta who we consider Friends & Family.

Recently: We were sponsored to attend NO FEAR at NEN in Delft Netherlands (DEC 2022). We recently signed 2 LOIs with Alternative Mobility Platforms (NOV2022). We were admitted to NVIDIA INCEPTION (NOV 2022). We are now an Apple Developer(NOV2022). We are deploying to the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology Library(NOV2022). We recently launched a games website to promote social impact and the Ninjamoba ethical AI mission through video games (OCT 2022).

JULY 3 2023 UPDATE: With the advent of CHATGPT our attentions have been shifted to generative AI – which we declined from participating over 2 years ago. We don’t see LLMs such as OpenAi to intend to comply with EU AI policy and even in the USA the company is facing massive lawsuits.  

We bake EU policy into our business model as well as the SDGS from inception we have focused on ethically responsible and business minded deployments.

More Links to our work around the web: We launched a green real estate website to serve eco-friendly properties. Here’s a link to our award winning chatbot for education : Here’s a link to our award winning Social Intelligent Assistant: What is a digital twin video : also we have an award from #DES2022 for best health care startup:

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