Social Impact Influencer Program
Product Description: We work to generate income for nonprofit social impact startups through the sale of our conversational assistant. The Social Impact Influencer Program product is made for nonprofit social impact startups who are looking to earn money through the sale chat bots.

Generate Funds for your Project
Do you want make money? Do you want to donate to charity? Join our influencer program. Our influencer program generates income for nonprofit social impact startups. Every purchase of your partnered product helps to empower social entrepreneurs that are using business for good.

Raise Awareness
Social Impact Influencer Program: raising funds and awareness for nonprofits. The excitement and purpose in presenting and promoting a work create momentum and movement, and take excitement and life in nonprofit projects. This is true for artists, journalists, and influencers — and it’s true for nonprofits too! Social Impact Influencer Program is a tool to help startups do just that. In this program, people who have a following on social media create posts to promote nonprofits. In return we provide a custom designed conversational assistant for your effort and we will split the profit (after expenses for hosting and labor).