We make AI easy.

Company Overview

Our solution is to make a super easy to understand application of artificial intelligence that people can really use. We provide tonal analysis in the form of a simple to understand emoji. We can further provide sentiment analysis in realtime and historically to understand emotional trends.

We compile data initially from twitter where our first folks hang out – then from blogs, comments, forums, and publicly available text in other social media and make use of this information in order to anticipate market trends specific to our clients. We are able to process this data to ensure that our clients are ahead of the game. We have other projects in the planning stages as well.

What Makes Us Special

While most business leaders agree AI is important to their business using artificial intelligence is not an easy task and requires a team of highly trained experts to implement in most business scenarios. Our tools are simple to understand at first glance. Humans are subjective creatures easily influenced by peers’ opinions on brands, products and services.In a global arena, customers’ feelings are widely and fast spread around through social media, forums, blogs, web journals, etc.

Understanding all this information can prove to be an extremely valuable asset for businesses that want to keep onestep ahead of competitors and on the edge of market trends. Sentiment analysis is the process of extraction and quantification of meaning, emotions, and opinion tones expressed by online audience towards a particular topic. When applied properly, sentiment analysis can boost the costumer-business & business-business relation and unlock hidden values, as well as enabling better informed business decisions.
The NinjaMoba tool combines all the methods mentioned above in a client facing app that uses natural language processing to effectively apply general patterns and determine the attitude expressed in aggregated text. We address the cultural habits of our focused group to make our output relevant to our target profile.

Our tool can manipulate the big volumes of data found in social opinion in a consistent and accurate way. This technique will provide in real time, up to the minute if desired, mood of our target audience and search terms.

There’s much more to it of course but that’s the gist.