Trusted social
AI-assistant platform

Create your own social impact chatbot with AI inside. Built  directly with partners in health and education delivery systems


Create a reliable source
of information for people

Ninjamoba provides secure development environment and community ecosystem for production and monetization. The technology can be deployed quickly and remain private. This will help to achieve your educational, health, and environmental goals.

Unifies information and can be deployed in hours​

Operates on any device without internet

Interacts with each user individually and socially

Social AI-Assistants for critical needs


Meet SIA

SIA is a personal AI Social Companion that interacts with each user in a unique and individualized way. In turn, this chatbot unifies information and derives alerts of both a clinical and social nature for health and wellness. By permission SIA can inform your family friends and carers to help you to heal and experience a more vitality.


Meet Jop

70% of student interactions with administration can be automated. An automated conversation with a Jop AI chatbot can answer many questions about coursework curriculum class management and planning. This saves time for your staff and instructors. Jop can be used in class as well as deployed to address administrative issues regarding school.

Public Good

Meet Marty and Keiko

AI chatbots are designed to support environmentally-focused companies, startups, and cities. Marty and Keiko can support municipal social services and become trusted sources of information for the public good.


Winners of the largest hackathon in history "EU vs VIRUS"

Winners DATA4RECOVERY hackathon for "real-time health monitoring and remote care"

Problems we solved

Social services stressed out

There’s no connecting or integration glue for people to get comprehensive personal information without third party intrusion.

Prevent the collapse of emergency services and primary care

Social workers and health systems are in critical demand as part of the pandemic response and world crisis and managing its devastating impacts. It's crucial to reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and admissions and improve patient flow.

Reduce the workload on customer support by up to 30%​

AI offing is substantial savings for municipal use immediately for public information in automating helplines and taking the pressure off public servants for frequently asked questions.

Do you want to save up to 30% of service personnel costs?

Automate help lines and take the pressure off public servants for frequently asked questions

How we Solved​

Conversational AI-chatbot platform

Local or in the Cloud

Ninjamoba intelligent assistants can be installed locally or in the cloud and securely on facility INTRANET on its own hardware

Secure deployment

Each deployment has a style guide for adoption,  human interface, language, jurisdiction and security

Speak 100+ languages

Speaks 104 languages and outperforms leading cloud-based AI systems by an order of magnitude

Work on any device

The conversation is ubiquitous and appears on any screen, device, and in any environment

Experts in social impact

Our dialogs and deployment are determined by multidisciplinary specialist teams. We create these with your expertise and staff.

Responsive to the needs

The platform can create a personality which will appear as a influencer, or mascot with a voice and image  that is relevant to your audience

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“Voice or chat bots make delivering your message easy and fun.”

Every site is different. And sometimes that makes getting information frustrating. But everyone knows how to chat. Our AI assistants address the most significant shortcomings. With our bots, you can create dialogs simply and quickly, get a fast response time, and receive accurate replies.

Bryan Ogden
CEO Founder, Ninjamoba LTD

Social AI Conversational platfrom

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